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Scene 14-08-08

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 Happy 30th: Ian Nicholson with Larissa Nieri (left) and New York’s Roselyn Kasmire WHAT: Ian Nicholson’s 30th birthday party WHERE: The World WHEN: Last Friday


Happy 24th: Alistair Eason from Dunedin with Auckland’s Clare Reeve (left) and Pippa Jerram from Christchurch WHAT: Alistair Eason’s 24th birthday drinks WHERE: Barmuda WHEN: Last Saturday



Glams: Helen ‘Helsby’ Robertson (left) and Sam Fisk WHAT: Rachael Oakes-Ash’s birthday party WHERE: The Bunker Bar
WHEN: Last Friday 


Happy birthday: Rachael “Miss Snow It All” Oakes-Ash (centre) with Jess Trimming and K2 Skis importer Martin Jones WHAT: Rachael Oakes-Ash’s birthday party
WHERE: The Bunker Bar WHEN: Last Friday



North Canterbury-bound: Pat Bucelis (second left) with (from left) Cathy Walker, Ingrid Shaw and Louise Grufferty WHAT: Pat Bucelis/Sean Haggarty leaving/engagement party WHERE: Arthurs Point
WHEN: Last Saturday


Bula: Anita Smits (left) and Peter Daniell from Carpet One Southern Lakes with former local Leigh Barachet WHAT: Carpet One conference
WHERE: Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa WHEN: Recently


 Happy: Sarah Jessop (centre) with Nikki Kelly from Wanaka (left) and Martina Wanjura from Auckland WHAT: Sarah Jessop’s 40th birthday party WHERE: Arrowtown’s Blue Door
WHEN: Last Saturday


Arts alive: Artists John Shewry (left) and
Simon Morrison-Deaker with curator Pauline Giles from Artbay  WHAT: John Shewry & Simon Morrison-Deaker exhibition opening night
WHERE: Amisfield Winery Bistro
WHEN: Monday

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