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Our place is a global hit

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Stunning view: A still from ‘30 Days and 30 Nights in Queenstown’ by American photo blogger Trey Ratcliff
A stunning time-lapse video showing Queenstown’s dramatic landscape has become an internet hit. 

Created by one of the world’s top travel photo bloggers, American Trey Ratcliff, 30 Days and 30 Nights in Queenstown had hundreds of thousands of views within days of being uploaded. 

Ratcliff spent 300 hours shooting and editing thousands of individual photos into the six-minute short. 

It shows clouds racing across Wakatipu skies from various vantage points, and the frenetic buzz of the town at night – all set to music by Ratcliff’s friend, top Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer. 

Zimmer composed scores for blockbusters The Lion King, Gladiator, Batman, and Inception. 

Ratcliff: “I’ve just moved to Queenstown and the first month made a powerful impression on me. 

“Driving around, it’s like being in a dream. Everything is so powerful, interesting and worthy of tribute that I was just sort of compelled to put that together. 

“It was a massive amount of work but you don’t really think about it like that – you just sort of get lost in the time.” 

Ratcliff’s website Stuck in Customs is the top travel photo blog on the net with hundreds of millions of photo views over seven years. 

“For the first two years it was just me and my mum who would go to the lonely site,” Ratcliff says. 

“But it took off, through word of mouth, and we get millions of visits and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month. My mum still comes every day too.” 

Stuck in Customs has about four-and-a-half million followers on various social media platforms, who re-share Ratcliff’s work and photo tutorials with more than 30 million others. 

With the world to choose from, Texan Ratcliff is setting up a permanent home in Dalefield with his wife and three children. 

“Queenstown is one of these places I’ve found around the world, there’s a few of these vortexes, that tend to attract people with interesting minds. These are rare places, very special.” 

Visit www.stuckincustoms.com to see the video. 

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