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Queenstown concierge get his keys

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Golden Keys: Steve Hanrahan
Queenstown concierge Steve Hanrahan has been admitted into the exclusive Les Clef d’Or Society.

Hanrahan, the head concierge at The Rees on Frankton Road, is the fifth Queenstowner to be accepted into the society of Les Clef d’Or which translates to The Golden Keys.

He’s the only South Islander to receive them in the past six months.

Society president Franz Staufer made the presentation at The Rees last Friday to Hanrahan who got into the industry in 2005 when he moved to Queenstown.

Hanrahan trained under fellow society member Nathan Wise, then concierge at the Crowne Plaza.

Hanrahan’s done everything from recommending and booking local tourist spots to arranging anniversary dinners and even being a witness at an Australian couple's wedding.

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